Family And Children Classic Indoor Games

Family And Children Classic Indoor Games


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Description: Classic Card Games Speed Cups, Cards Game Family And Children Board Games Indoor Games With English Instructions.

Package Includes:

  • Portable version: 10 cups in five colors+19 cards+English instructions for 2players.
  • ​Standard version:20 cups in five colors+24 cards+1 Bell+English instructions for 4 players.

1. This exciting new board game combines the adrenaline rush of speed-stacking cups with color pattern matching. Quickly rearrange your 5 differently colored cups to match each card!
2. The fastest player to stack their cups in the correct order and ring the bell first wins the round. Play 24 fast-moving rounds and whoever has the most cards at the end wins!
3. Multiplayer Game Series, UP to 2-6 Players
4. Quick Cups is the best game for the family, play with your friend, you will not regret!
5. Quick Cups is a fun & simple color-matching cup stacking game! Blue, red, green, yellow, black: who will correctly rearrange them first?

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